How to Know if Love is Real

How to Know if Love is Real


As they say, there is only one happiness in life. That is to love and to be loved. Once we are in the situation, no matter how rational we are, we are trapped into it and sometimes we do not know if we are investing ourselves to someone deserving. Sometimes, we are really in doubt if a person is real to us because in love, we are all fool. We are all blinded.
People can easily say I love you to someone. But how can we know that these three words, eight letters are genuine? Below are some of the manifestations to know if someone is really true of his love.

Manifestation #1: He can’t live without you.
If someone tells you that he loves you, then it means that he wants you to be always with him. He asks you for a date, to see a movie or walk on a park or play in an arcade. He wants to cherish his time with you. However, this does not mean that he must always do this to you 24 hours, seven times a week. Some people are busy with their jobs so you must also understand that you cannot do this all the times.

You must also consider the fact that he has to give time as well to his friends. You’re not the only person why he lives so don’t get jealous if sometimes he is spending his time with them. But take note that he must spend more time with you.

If he can’t do this, no matter how busy he is, he will always find time to send you a message in FB or on a text. The fact that he finds way to contact you just to say how he misses you or how he cares about you, even that is just a single text (IF HE’S REALLY BUSY. IF NOT, ONE TEXT IS NOT ENOUGH. YOU MUST DEMAND MORE), it means he really loves you.

Manifestation #2: He listens and talks.
If a person really loves you, he listens to you no matter how senseless, crazy and sinister you are. He must serve as ears to listen to all of the things you want to say and it is not only limited to this. He must give you advises, suggestions and other reactions. These are just some of the manifestations that he really cares and he really listens well.

Additionally, it is not enough that you’re the only one who talks. He must also be open to you. You must be updated about his life and he must share some stories about his family. If he does, it means that he trusts on you and he wants you to be a part of his life.

Manifestation #3: He never forgets any special day
Do you celebrate your monthsary? Your anniversary? These are special days for the two of you and he must always remember this. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you must celebrate this on a mall or prepare a party for this but the point is the two of you must always reminisce the days that you first met and the day that you fall in love first to each other.
Other special dates are your birthday, vacations, New Year and Valentine’s day.

If all of the three are not true to him, therefore he is not real with his love. Sometimes it is just an infatuation and his feelings deceived him to say that he really loves you. The bottom line of this is showing love is not gaged orally but rather than actually.

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