Confiding in your spouse

Confiding in your spouse


Do you find it hard to talk to your spouse? Is he or she the listening type? Will they stop what they are doing to give you undivided attention?

As we know, it takes two to communicate. Talking to yourself is no fun. We all want someone to talk with. Let me tell you, you aren’t alone. Don’t worry. It will get better.

How can I get my spouse to communicate with me?

1.) Join him or her in what they like to do.

2.) When they get home from work, ask how their day went.

3.) While at the dinner table, ask how they liked dinner.

4.) Talk about the movie that you had seen the other day.

5.) Sit down together during the football game and chat during the commercial.

See, communication is a must have in a relationship. You need to hear each other out. Don’t lose this. It can be hard to get back.

What is needed in the relationship?

1.) Respect

2.) Honesty

3.) Understanding

4.) Trust

5.) Commitment

Can we all just get along? Don’t let the world pass you by to the next life time. Get it right with your spouse today. Let them know how you feel. And you will have peace within yourself.

Keep it together for the best interest of the both of you. If it is meant to be, then you will be just fine.

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