12 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 21

12 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was 21

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Well, I’ve just turned 22 yesterday(Nov 11), yeay me! Not really yeay, it’s not like I really enjoy getting older each year.

Anyway, there’s so much in life as we get older that we have been missing out and at all the right places, we only found ourselves regretting things we have or have not done. Here are some of the things I wish my 21 year old would know.

1. LIFE IS HARD. Everyone know this. I knew and know this by heart, but we usually take things for granted. We know its hard but we never want to push through as hard just because we believe tomorrow would come and we can try again, well it might be true it might be not. Each day, remember to always push as hard as life pushes you.

2. SAVE SOME MONEY! Weewww, this is personal and very global issue. Everyone, regardless of age always missing out on this. And why saving money is so important, we’ll get that on this list after.

3. GET AS MUCH EXPERIENCE. Travel. Internship. Volunteer. All these need money. Hence get back to number 2.
If you have no experience, you will have no good stories to tell in your job interview. Paramount!

4. BE TRUE TO YOURSELF AND PEOPLE AROUND YOU. Welll, I’m working on it. I’m true to myself or, kind of, but not really to people around me. I have my reasons for that.

5.SAY YES MORE FREQUENTLY! Yes, this is vital. When your friends invite you to hang out, say yes. Party? Yes. Library? Yes. Skip a class and do nothing, Yes! After all, you will only regret the things you haven’t done more than what you have.

6. SLOW DOWN! Peep, brake a bit. Don’t rush things over. Chill, pause and if you need, STOP. Enjoy all the good moment while you have it, because it’s temporary. When you enjoy it, it will like ‘I swear this moment was infinite’

7. BE ALONE. Seriously, go eat out alone, watch movie in the theater alone, volunteer alone, live alone. You’ll need sometimes alone and that is only when you realize how beautiful your stupid friends are around you all this while.

8. SMILE! Always smile, to anyone, strangers. It might brightens someone’s day. Trust me.

9. WORLD IS BIG. Yep. You don’t say. Go out and reach out. Travel more with friends or alone. It opens up mind and fix perception.

10. OBJECT and ARGUE. Very crucial. It’s the only way you’ll see how people will treat you when they hate you. People after all are bias and bigotry, trust me. If they are not, keep them around, you know they will push you up.

11. FAMILY COMES FIRST; ALWAYS. I have always been away, going back home 3 or 5 moths once. Haha. But never I forget them in my prayer, After all, they are the reason I hold on to what I’m doing now after 4 years and counting.

12. LIVE. It’s a perception. Do what you like. If you love reading, read more and more, go to bookstore and read illegally on their floor. Let other people tell you you’re a geek, cause you are and it’s a pride you should take. Stop pretending to be someone you are not, if it does not make you feel comfo. If you love sports, go play more and more does not matter how bad you’re at it, you play because you like it and yeahh hell what people say to you.

Life is larger than what is portrayed in movies. Football is cool, same goes to reading, and volunteering. Being stylish is attractive and same goes to being sloppy. So stop being what you are not, just to be liked.

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