Age appropriate makeup

Age appropriate makeup


The following is a general guide to wearing age appropriate makeup. At any age, you should wear makeup that makes you look your natural best.

Ages 15 – 19
You should be wearing sheer water based, oil free foundation. Use natural looking eye shadows and apply your mascara lightly.
Use powder blush for oily skin or a gel blush for a natural glow.
Lipstick or lip gloss should be lightly tinted.

Ages 20 – 29
You should wear foundation lightly.
Color coordinate eye shadow to the color of your eyes, skin tone and mood. Wearing black mascara is ok.
Wear light powder blush and toned down lipstick for business. Brighter colors for evening.

Ages 30 – 39
Wear your foundation a little bit heavier.
Do not wear frosted eye shadows if you have eye wrinkles.
Use more muted blush colors.
Use a lip liner to prevent lipstick from bleeding into the cracks of your mouth.

Ages 40 – 49
Choose an oil based foundation if skin is dry.
Apply a light base over wrinkles, if any.
Conceal dark circles with a concealer cream.
Do not wear harsh looking frosted or metallic eye shadow colors if eyelids are puffy.

Soften cheek color.
Outline lips with lip liner and use a lip base under your lipstick.

Ages 50+
Avoid matte foundations and frosty or shiny eye shadows.
Gray or smoky eye shades look best on puffy eyes.
Lipstick colors should be peach, soft red, warm pinks or beige rose.
Avoid dark blue and red colors.

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