Lonely character of Francisco Goya

Lonely character of Francisco Goya

image: pixabay.com

Greatest Painters like F. G. Goya from the period of (1746-1828) are inspirations for us who showed us with their enormous mental skills and private bad time’s some true realities of his life.

Son of decorator artists and got birth in Saragoza near (Spain), Goya practised his artistic skills in Jos Luzan but without any triumph, he gained no success in two courses he attended in San Fernando Institute of Madrid.

He thought it’s better to move to Italy, which is considered to be a heaven of art and after spending some time in Italy, he then returned in(1771), he got his first key task of arrangement and decoration of fresco Pilar church in the city of Saragoza.

Then in the period of (1774), he came to Madrid to start working, which is famous for the centre of making sketches of cartoons along with the famous life site that such art was very much appreciated by the performers and scholars of Madrid this was just a staring point of his quick vocation.
He was so famous that in 1789, he was declared to be “artist of the King hall” and during (1799) he was come to be known as “First court painter.”

He vigilantly read the work of past Spanish painters such as Velasquez and, in anyone who has worked in past 20 years. He created very down to earth real and magnificent portraits of the wealthy and well known members of society for mental realism, not just for postures in pictures.

Sadly, he got seriously ill in which he lost his ability to hear in autumn of (1792) still with his full motivation. He kept on making portraits of famous life sceneries, but he also added other ideas of about craziness, imaginative, the supernatural sight as well.
In the time period of (1799), he made the picture “The relatives of Carlos four” in Prado Museum of Madrid and one of his finest astonishing attractive female’s pictures of; Dona Porcel in London, Gallery, the lady with the fan” in Paris.

When Spain was attacked by Napoleon in (1808), it was started of Goya miserable life. As he was in link with the open-minded folks, and was more in favour of French freedom, he got really disturbed by seeing hostility and cruelty of the war when he saw English and French soldiers fighting against each other.

In his paintings, he displayed the miseries of Spanish folks in his disturbance in his well-known portraits like; the tragedy of war in 1810 and pictures like the “hanging of May 3rd, 1808″ in 1814.
When Napoleon lost this war in (1815), then in the coming years, things were changing in the Spanish Kingdom. The artist was separated and was aloof from society for his soft corner for Napoleon, in end days he spends most of his time alone in Madrid, where he painted these miserable lonely feelings on the walls of his home largely elaborating the feelings of domineering pictures like the ”black paintings.”

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