Need to communicate with your family rather devices

Need to communicate with your family rather devices


Communication means to convey meaningful information from one point to another. Today the technology has really enhanced and we have many instant communication sources run via internet. Mobile and Laptop is the most common device these days to communicate with plenty of chat applications available with the service providers.

Despite of all these communication devices we are somewhere lagging the communication with our near ones. We have attached our lives with these devices so profoundly. We feel intricate to spend a single day without them. Believe it or not, by doing so we are losing the faith of our near and dears somewhere. You need not to go so far to prove it, just have a insight in your own house. If you are a teenage son/daughter and have a mobile or laptop with internet connection, the time you spend in your home would be more with your communication devices rather than your family members. And most of you get interrupt many times by your parents. And teenager feel entangled in their own house.

Similarly, If you are married and notice that your spouse start spend more time with his/her mobile creates doubt in the mind. You try to ignore but somewhere you started feeling cheated. Though you have no clear evidence you couldn’t do anything. Then you decide to check it in the absence of your spouse and find it has security locks. Then your doubt becomes bit stronger. And this led to the main cause of increase in divorce cases these days.

There are many other example you could watch around you. Just need to get awareness what we are doing and how it impacts on the lives of our close ones. So, it is more important to communication as much as possible with your family. Because they are the people which will last long with you even if you are engaged with most difficult situation in your life.

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