Why Men Also Need Manicure?

Why Men Also Need Manicure?


We always associate manicure and pedicure with women’s fashion. But this should not be the impression all the time because manicure for men is also as important that of women’s. In fact, manicure is an essential thing for everybody because this involves proper hygiene and good grooming.

The following are some of the basic points why men should also give importance to manicure:

– Good grooming. As mentioned earlier, having a good manicure is part of good grooming. Of course, we always want to look good and feel good – and having clean fingernails is on the top list as far as good grooming is concern. Even among men, it is a big NO to have dirty fingernails. It is an eyesore and can bring out negative impression from the people around.

– Health reasons. Manicure brings out good health because this means that there is no unwanted dirt habituating in your fingernails. Great men always exude healthy and clean lifestyle – and having clean and well-manicured fingernails is definitely a healthy driver.

– Great impression. For a man who wants to get the attention of a woman he likes, he should maintain clean fingernails. Yes, women pay attention on how clean the fingernails of their man. Fingernails need not to be shaped perfectly or have some colorless polish. What is important is that the fingernails are clean and have no dead skin around it. Having dirty fingernails does not really speak of masculinity, so better get your fingernails done.

Meanwhile, here are some tips on where men can get good manicure:

– Parlors and hand spa centers are always the best place to get good manicures. You can check the parlor near you so that you need not travel far for a good manicure. If you are not familiar with these parlors and hand spa centers, you can always check online for it and can even set appointment through their websites.

– You can always request your wife, girlfriend or sister to help you with your manicure. They can perfectly understand that this is not just for vanity, but this is for maintaining clean and healthy fingernails. In this way, you can have your manicure free of charges.

– Do it Yourself. Manicure for men is not that complicated compared that of women’s. Unlike women, you need not put colorful nail polishes. All you have to do is cut the fingernails short to prevent dirt in getting stuck under. You can also pull off the dead skin surrounding the nails using trimmers. You can buy hand cream to also moisturize your hands and fingernails.

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