How Can Professional ICT Development Programs Help Teachers

How Can Professional ICT Development Programs Help Teachers


ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is presently integrated into several modified educational techniques throughout the planet. The method has been seamlessly incorporated into educational changes for drastically changing the teaching and learning atmosphere. It has also successfully triggered opportunities for unconventional teaching aids to make learning concepts far more enriching and insightful.

Objectives of a Professional ICT Development Program

The primary objective of a professional ICT development for teachers program is to increase the effectiveness of learning among students. It also aims at enhancing the day to day school operation and facilitates lifelong learning of important concepts among students. The techniques of bringing in technology within the classroom may vary from a virtual discussion of concepts to web conferences with teaching experts to a more practical research project.

The inclusion of online learning and the vast internet storehouse presents innumerable teaching possibilities that educators can use to harness the power of technology in the field of education. Most ICT development programs focus on making the training as individualized and personalized as possible to take in consideration different learning abilities.

How Does Professional ICT Development Help Teachers?

A professional ICT Development Program helps teachers towards getting more efficient and hands on with using more technology intensive teaching techniques. It also makes teachers more innovative, resourceful, student centric, and distinctive, when it comes to adapting teaching techniques to suit the needs of their students. Incorporation of technology can also positively affect the instructor’s beliefs, attitude to teaching/learning, values, confidence, and more. It also helps increase the level of professionalism and triggers change in the overall learning culture in the school.

ICT makes information and teaching methods/aids more readily available for teachers, and empower them to engage in a continuous and dynamic dialogue with other educators. Top quality virtual resources offer an excellent platform for learning.

Teachers can also take the lead in arranging meetings and creating learning groups revolving on a particular subject or area of interest.

How can Teachers make the Professional ICT Development Program more Effective?

The program can be made more effective by teachers who widen the support network and implement the program effectively in stages. Teachers who develop a greater shared understanding of the programs objectives and expectations, by experiencing the outcomes together as a group, and discussing the possible modifications to make the program more effective.

Teachers will be required to proactively develop a deeper understanding of the insights and principles of any ICT program, while still possessing the dexterity of adding their own insights, skills and comprehension of the program. This allows them the ability to add their own invaluable ideas to the plan. The teachers will also have to work in close association in other learners, policy drafters, learners, parents and other support professionals.

How do Professional ICT Development Programs Help Students?

A well-designed and professional ICT Development Program enhances problem solving, listening, and conversational skills. It helps learners take greater responsibility for their learning, and display more confidence in contributing during class.

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