How To Travel With The Child

How To Travel With The Child


The first travel with children, both for parents, and for children is pleasant, and at the same time, a disturbing event. After all, going to a trip, we can not always have a presentiment as our child in this or that situation, in an unfamiliar place, with strangers will behave. We start worrying in advance as there will pass the trip that with itself to take as the child will transfer the road, than to occupy him, and if gets sick where to address and other similar questions. And not for nothing…

Today more and more families travel together with children and not only because to leave them there is nobody but also because there is a wish to show to the child new places to acquaint with traditions, people or it is simple to take out at the sea that is especially actual during the winter period when all so do not have the sun and heat. And it is not important, the small child or already at conscious age, anyway – this trip does not remain for it forgotten and, undoubtedly, will bring benefit.

That travel of all family took place successfully, it is necessary to consider a set of factors, as, for example, age of the child, features of food, hobby, the vacation spot and others.
In this article we tried to collect the general recommendations based on own experience

Planning of travel with the child

Planning of any travel is an important component of a successful trip. Here search and booking of tickets and housing, a sightseeing, visit of entertaining actions, catering services, ways of movement enters. By and large it concerns independent travel, but also, traveling according to the tour where the part of questions already for you is solved, you should not trust completely, and to analyse the arising questions independently.

Hotel or rent of housing

Being engaged in search of a location pay attention to convenience of the location to food places, entertainments, rest, to beaches, thus it is worth to remember about night tranquillity, differently it will not be possible to sleep neither to you, nor children. Sometimes hardly to consider all these wishes therefore choose the most preferable option.

Hotels are more focused on accommodation in double rooms where to put an additional bed there is no opportunity; or hostels which numbers are designed for 4-8 and more residents, with the general bathroom and a toilet. Of course, such places not for families with children. Thus, when booking through search engines not always correctly give out result on quantity living, and instead of 4 people as a result can place you in 2-seater number that yuudt not the most pleasant surprise. Therefore it is up to one booking better to specify possibility of settling and quantity of berths at hotel, having communicated by e-mail.

If it is not possible to find something in hotels suitable, one of exits – rent of housing (the apartment or the room). Apartments offer both one-room, and two – and three-room with furniture and kitchen. And existence of kitchen in case of travel with small children very much helps out, it is possible to prepare favourite dishes of the child and to save on food to all family.

One of popular booking systems of housing is – Airbnb. For the registered users systems of bonuses and discounts when booking that will be pleasant addition to rest are provided in system. Even for the first booking at registration according to the given reference the real discount in 50 dollars is offered.

Food with children on travel

It is necessary to take care and of food of children. To consider that the child needs to eat at least three times a day, food has to be to full-fledged, some children special food which can offer not any restaurant and cafe is necessary. As you became more, and costs of food increase. Respectively, it is necessary to look for more budgetary places for having a snack with which search it is worth seeing to it in advance. To try to find places which will be acceptable both to adults, and children, to read about them responses. Successful option in this case are family cafes where, besides the various menu, there are small playgrounds with toys that the child has a good time and has a rest from foot walks.

The next supermarkets and mini-markets – excellent help in the solution of a question of food. In them both the choice is more, and the range. If in a location there is own kitchen always can prepare that the child will eat.
Besides with itself on walks it is recommended to take water, cookies, sweets, yogurts in a word, that the child loves. After all it is not always possible to eat in time, and in cases with little travelers which to feed not easy, such having a snack will be very opportunely throughout the day

Sights and entertainments for the child

Planning a trip it is necessary to allocate time for visit of places which will be interesting to the child, depending on his age and preferences. It can be zoos, planetaria, the museums, exhibitions, the entertaining centers, parks, aquaparks. Thus it is necessary to alternate visit of “adult” and “children’s” places that the child did not get tired, and it was also interesting to it.
Going to a foot walk on the city with small children it is also necessary to consider, what not all children love and can go long on foot. In this case it is worth to remember about rest of the child: for example, to sit on a shop, to play at a playground, to have a bite in cafe. It is enough to make only a small break along a route that the child became become bright and are ready for a further campaign.
Try to choose the most optimum pedestrian routes and follow them slowly, stopping on rest. Put time for rest. Plan simple routes, it can increase some trip time, but pleasure and impressions will increase also to you and children.

Survey of many sights for children till 6-7 years is carried out free of charge, from 6 to 12 years is, as a rule, 30-50% cheaper. There are privileges for large families and families with disabled children, orphans. Under the family ticket calculated on 2 adults and 2 children also there is a discount.

You should not forget also what even in hotel or in the leased apartment children want “the entertainments”, i.e. to look at animated cartoons, to play games. Therefore if in your hotel or the leased apartment there is no TV with children’s channels, it is worth taking with itself in the road the laptop or the tablet computer with the written-down animated cartoons.
Safety on travel with children

Children are not only pleasure, but also heavy responsibility. Therefore do not stint life insurance and health of the and children. There are many insurance companies which offer similar services by means of online insurance. You and yourself will secure against accidents and the children, and it concerns not only foreign countries, but also Russia.
At travel across Russia have at yourself policies of obligatory medical insurance according to which emergency medical service to you is obliged to provide free of charge.
If travel on the individual or leased transport equipped with seat belts do not ignore children’s seats and the holding devices. This rule concerns not all countries, but for safety of children their existence will be not superfluous

What to take with itself in the road for the child

– The first-aid kit with children’s drugs
– Games, books, a coloring, toys (that the child did not miss during moving or during stay in hotel)
– Clothes (one-two sets of replaceable clothes, warm clothes, headdress)
– Footwear (depending on a season of the country of rest)
– Food and drink (necessary for 1-2 days – time necessary to reach the destination)

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