10 dangerous things you might have in your closet

10 dangerous things you might have in your closet

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Some items can be found in your wardrobe that can make you a true fashion victim. We selected 10 wardrobe items that may be harmful to your health. Better avoid those!

1.shoes with completely flat solesProblem. A small lack of elevation increases the load on the spine, causing pain in the legs and back, but can also lead to flat feet.

Solution. Choose shoes with a slight heel to the back and legs will be a lot less tired.

2. Slimming underwear
Problem. Many women needlessly are wearing slimming underwear. This is understandable. With all the narrow skirts, dresses and jeans your body will look great! However, the constant wearing of such clothes may cause back pain, burning and even thrombosis.

Solution. Remember slimming underwear is suitable only for special occasions when you need to dress to look perfect. Wiser is to follow your weight and visit the gym.

3. Swimsuit
Problem. Of course, it is safe. But if you’re coming out of the water and spending long time in a wet bathing suit, you can easily get to thrush. If the weather is not hot, you can settle even cystitis.

Solution. Put on another swimsuit or summer dress, shirt, tunic, while you put the wet swimsuit to dry in the sun.

4. Smaller shoes
Problem. You have been looking for these shoes for a long time, but they are little too small. And you buy a pair of false size shoes , without thinking about how easy it can be to get ingrowing nails and foot deformities.

Solution. The solution is clear and simple – Buy only shoes of your size.

5. Poor quality costume jewelry
Problem. Most likely, you will agree – a cheap and low-quality jewelry is rapidly losing its appearance. In addition, they can cause allergies, for which you did not even have no idea to purchase.

Solution. You have three choices- not to wear jewelry at all, buy jewelry made from precious metals, or start looking for a brand that produces high quality imitation jewelery.

6. slippers
Problem. slippers- shoes, which are not fixed to the legs. So when wearing slippers, you instinctively begin to try to keep them in place, squeezing the fingers, and thus causing the muscles to constantly tense. This can cause pain in the calves and ankles.

Solution. Slippers- beach shoes, whose functionality is sufficiently precise – to ensure the movement from the beach to the hotel. It absolutely is not intended to be worn in the city.

7. Too high heels
Problem. Regular wearing of high-heeled shoes can cause intervertebral hernia, deformation, back pain and “bruising” on their feet.

Solution. Do not buy shoes at once. Walk through the store. You feel tense roe and back? Footsteps feel mild cramps? So, unfortunately, this is not your couple.

8. balconette bra.
Problem. This bra is universal- it can be worn with normal everyday clothes, so with low neckline. Unfortunately, the constant wearing of this model several times increases the risk of contact with the breast tumor. The same applies to all the favorite push-up bras- doctors advised them to wear more than 8 hours a day.

Solution. Balkonette and push-up best left for special occasions. Everyday is best to choose a nice bra- classic model with soft cups.

9. String
Problem. Wearing string can cause problems most pleasant. First of all, you get a constant friction can cause irritation; secondly, the movement caused by the movement of the bacteria that cause cystitis, fungi and other very unpleasant disease.

Solution. If you depends upon setup strings, choose natural materials. Just Do not wear them all time- nowadays is much more not less beautiful panty models.

10. Too narrow jeans
Strange but true: too skinny jeans can cause health Problems circulatory problems in the legs, which can lead to cardiovascular diseases.

Solution. Do not try to nip on the size or even two smaller jeans. Select adjacent to, but not tight fitting models.

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