13 sex mistakes you might have done

13 sex mistakes you might have done

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We try our hardest in the activities of love, but we all sometimes do theese mistakes:

1.Opening condom with teeth
If you are opening a condom with your teeth for other sharp objects you are taking a risk of damaging it and that might cause unwanted pregnancy or transmission of illnesses

2.Using lube without reading the instruction
There are two types of lube – oil based lube and water based lube. The oil based lube increases a chance for a condom to break, thats why its much better to use water based lube.

3.Kisses only on lips
There have been researches on females and males witch prove that there are about 10 zones which can be stimulated with kisses, dont forget this one!

4.Lube inside of a condom
If you are using a condom and lube to decrease friction, you can also put lube inside the condom, it decreases friction slightly and can create some nice feelings.

5.Dont deny foreplay
Foreplay increases level of dopamine, makes you more calm and helps on creating natural lubrication. Even you have had sex with your partner a lot of times, you should always foreplay, it might bring new feelings and sometimes suprise you!

6. Double condom
Even if some people say that putting on two condoms increases safety, but it does complete opposite- it creates more friction, which increases the chance for the condom to brake

7. Using pills without condom
effectivity of anti pregnancy pills is about 91%-99% but this number decreases if a women doesnt use thoose pills every day. pills + condom = perfectly safe sex

8.Going hard on clitoris
In females clitoris there are about 8000 nerve ends, and it all in a are of a pea. Its enough with an soft touch for a women to feel pleasure, so dont go rough on her like you would try to rub something out of your shirt.

9.Rough game
Because of stereotypes lots of women think that strong pulls on male genitalia creates more pleasure for them. Actually male genitalia is very delicate, and you should be careful with it. Bites, streching and other methods should never be used on male genitalia during sex.

10.Always have plan B
What do to if you forgot your anti pregnancy pills? what to do if your condom breaks ? If you arent ready for a kid or you dont have stable relationship you should always have plan B.

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