Importance of Changing Your Air Filter

Importance of Changing Your Air Filter


Are you underestimating the importance of changing your air filter on a regular basis? Regular maintenance of your HVAC equipment is critical in reducing your energy bills and sustaining optimal comfort levels in the home. Keeping track on a calendar of your air filter maintenance schedule and will help you on top of completing this essential task.

Your Air Filter’s Primary Function
The primary function of your air filter extends beyond keeping the air quality in your home clean. The air filter located instead your heating and cooling system protects internal components from dirt and debris. If dirt gets instead your HVAC unit, it causes the system to have to work harder and increases the risk of burnout and malfunctioning of the equipment. Clogged filters pose a fire risk in your home and are the number one reason for failure of your HVAC equipment.

When Air Filters Should be Changed
When your air filter should be changed depends on the degree of how much your heating and cooling system has recently been used. If you’ve been using the HVAC system heavily, then changing your air filter once monthly is ideal. During times when the system is not needed as often, the filter can last up to three months without needing to be changed. However, you should still perform a monthly inspection to make sure the air filter is not clogged with dirt or debris.

Select The Proper Sized Air Filter
Selecting the proper sized air filter is general pretty easy. The current air filter on your HVAC system should have the dimensions displayed on it. If you cannot find the information, you can measure the space to get the right fit. Air filters are rated in determining how efficient they are in removing pollutants by using the MERV scale. For residential equipment, MERV ratings between five to twelve percent are ideal. To remove irritants such as pollen or mold spores, you will want to select a filter with a MERV rating between eight to twelve percent.

Additional Heating and Cooling Maintenance Tips
Besides changing your air filter regularly, you will also want to inspect your HVAC system prior to winter and summer months. You may also want to consider hiring an HVAC professional to perform a tune-up.

The HVAC professional will check for leaks and damage, clean internal components, and make any necessary adjustments needed to keep your heating and cooling system at its best. You’ll save money on your energy bills and potentially large repair costs.

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