Best private dining places in Brisbane

Best private dining places in Brisbane


Organizing dinner at your home can sometimes be hectic, when you think about becoming the chef and later do the dishes can really give you a headache. This is why in Brisbane, there are many great places to cater to private dinner. Whether you are thinking of a romantic dinner or a small function for friends, you will find all the services at the following places.

This restaurant offers the best private services when it comes to dinner, wedding receptions and other functions. It has a great view of the story bridge; its rooms are large and well fitted with dinning sets. Aria dining rooms can hold up to 40 seated guests; this is great deal provided you are looking for a private corporate dinning place.

Claret house
Another stylish place you would want to dine privately is at Claret house. Inside is a perfect covered deck which is a great place for casual wedding, it’s also spacious to allow more standing guest of up to 100. Once you book their service, they will arrange the room and serve meals to ensure that your function is smoothly running.

Moda restaurant
Moda is another fine dining place. There are private wine rooms which can hold up to 50 guests. They are flexible when it comes to prices and can provide you with delicious meals and drinks that can suit to any budget.

Spring food and wine
This is another fabulous venue to hold private dinner. It’s very stylish with its wooden floors.

The services are good and they also provide private cooking lessons. One good reason why you should consider this place is because you don’t have to pay anything on booking as it’s absolutely free. The maximum number of guest it can hold range from 130 to 150
If you are planing of holding a private dinner, then consider the above mentioned places and have the best experience that will make you love your city.

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