Find Your Own True Happiness

Find Your Own True Happiness


Do what you need to do in order to get some insight into yourself. Go into therapy if you need to. Take long walks and meditate on it. Find a trusted friend and talk to him or her. Spend a week alone somewhere by yourself. It’s okay, your life will be right there waiting for you when you get back.

Whatever you need to do to get down to the nitty-gritty, root issues haunting you life, just do it! It’s more important that you take time to get yourself to know yourself now than anything else in your life. You can’t help anyone if you haven’t helped yourself.

Look at all the areas in your life that you need to fix or change and make those changes happen! Position yourself to be in the job, city or calling for which you are suited and which most pleases your inner desires. And enjoy those things. And then ‘happiness’ will come. Just when you stop looking for it.

Last of all, remember to enjoy the little things. The sun is shining! The snow is falling! You still have two limbs upon which to walk! You have a great wheelchair with all the bells and whistles! You still have your mind! You still have most of your mind! You still have friends! You have one good friend! You have yourself! You are still alive and able to take advantage of the multitude of opportunities that life has to offer! Think on these things.

And, as hard as it may seem sometimes, think about something positive instead of automatically thinking something negative. When your mind says, ‘I hate this job’, think, ‘Thank God that I have a job to complain about.’ When your mind says, ‘I wish I was driving a Mercedes SL 500’, think, ‘I’m so grateful my car takes me where I need to go’. And enjoy your life, in each small, individual segment. Life is not all about the big, grandiose moments (those are few and far between).

Life is about getting up in the morning and combing your hair and saying hello to your neighbors and putting oil in your car and getting caught in traffic and shopping for clothing. Life is right here and right now. And it happens every single day, every single minute, every single second. Take advantage of it. Enjoy it. Because you will never, ever get an opportunity to appreciate that moment again.

True happiness comes from within. You will not find it in a job, a man or woman, your mother or father or your children. It is not waiting for you when you lose 10 pounds, or move to Florida or are earning a million plus dollars. It is right now, right here, inside of you, waiting for you to discover it. It cannot be earned, it cannot be taken away, it simply is. Open yourself up to it and it will be yours today!

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