4 Life Hack For School That Will Come In Handy

4 Life Hack For School That Will Come In Handy


School can get a bit tiring and hard. We all know this…but what we don’t all know are these 7 cool hacks hat can be used to make the school year 100% easier.

1) Got a dirty keyboard?
Grab a sticky note and swipe it between the keys (sticky side down). When done you should find crumbs and dust on the sticky strip of the note.

2) Having trouble remembering facts for a test?
Apparently if you chew the same flavored gum on test day as you were when you were learning the relevant facts, it will help boost your memory.

3) Wikipedia is not the way to go.
We understand. Wikipedia is the best place to go when your essay or report is due tomorrow. This is because they allow you to access information quickly. The problem however with Wikipedia is that anyone can edit the information. Things can turn into inaccurate paragraphs and be the cause of you F.

4) Want a better grade?
On your essay information sheet (the one with the topic) highlight the headings, subheading and a few sentences with in each paragraph. This makes it look like you have done more work and more research. Teachers give grades not only for finished result but how you have researched information as well.

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