Simple Ways to Promote Your Hostel Business

Simple Ways to Promote Your Hostel Business


Okay, so maybe your business is not necessarily a swanky star-rated hotel. The spike of tourism in many places have made a market for hostel/motel/bed and breakfast businesses. But providing a shelter, food, and service does entail a lot on the business side.To say that it’s hard to manage a hostel is an understatement. If you’re dreaming of managing a hotel one day, here are a few things you have to know.

First, know your market Successful hotel chains have very huge campaigns to reach their market, mostly frequent travelers. Find ways on how you can promote your hotel your customers can see it. Here’s an idea, why not penetrate online hostel listings? Travelers usually go online. Since these people are always on the go, we can safely assume that they always have their laptops with them. And with that we can only assume how many times they go online. There are free listings you can take advantage of.

You might also want to sponsor an ad space on brochures that are always on the magazine stands of international airports. Aside from these, you should be most wary about what your customers say about you. When you have satisfied a customer, that customer will recommend you to their friends who also travel a lot. Networking works like magic.

Have a loyalty program. It’s harder to get new customers than keep the old ones. So to make sure your customers always go back to you, maintain good relationships with them. One way how you can keep instill loyalty and make regulars among your customers is to put up a loyalty program. You can give discount coupons, free services like health spa and massage, and even freebies. You gotta make your customers feel loved so they’ll keep coming back.

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