10 Brilliant Facts about Greece

10 Brilliant Facts about Greece


Greece is widely known as one of the most significant civilizations in the world and the birthplace, amongst others, of philosophy, mathematics, democracy, drama, literature and, of course, the Olympics. Ancient Greece, according to people (and not only Greeks, of course) is actually considered to be the beacon of modern Western civilization.

All the above are widely known and characterize Greece’s history and course through the centuries but, how about nowadays? Are there any contemporaneous facts characterizing modern Greece that Greeks should be proud of and the rest of the world should value and envy? You would be surprised to know that there is a series of brilliant facts characterizing modern Greece and its people. Below you could see ten (10) of them:

1. Greece has one of longest coastlines in the world (about 13,600 kilometers long). Greece is famous for its clean blue seas and a temperate climate. There are some top island destinations in Greece such as Santorini, Mykonos, Crete and Corfu, which are ideal for summer vacations.

2. Greece, despite negative predictions, is still a member of the European Monetary Union with Euro as its currency. By the end of 2009, the Greek economy faced a severe crisis having a deficit of 12.7% of gross domestic product (GDP). Nowadays, Greece seems to recover and its economy is gaining the lost field.
3. Greece’s maritime industry has been vital to its development. The Greek merchant navy is the largest in the world.

4. Greek cuisine is becoming famous. Mediterranean diet, which is epitomized by dishes of Crete gains more and more supporters among people looking for a healthy living.

5. In 2013 Save the Children report, Greece was ranked amongst the 20 best countries (out of 176 countries surveyed) for the state of mothers and newborn babies.

6. Greece is a member of the European Space Agency (ESA) since 2005. As member of the ESA, Greece provides technical know-how in the agency’s telecommunication and technology activities, and the Global Monitoring for Environment and Security Initiative.

7. Greek people have one of the lowest death rates for cancer in Europe. In combination with number 6 above, doesn’t it sound tempting to live in Greece?

8. Although Greece is usually promoted as an ideal summer tourism destination, you would be surprised to know that it’s also a decent winter destination. Apart from the 3000 islands, 80% of Greece is mountainous and 50% is covered by forests; there are 21 snow centers across the country and, of course, a series of all time museums and monuments.

9. Greece is a country that has retained most of its fascinating traditions but also incorporated them in the modern world making the country an incredible place to visit and live. Greece has a lot of ‘common’ tourist attractions but also has a bunch of secret corners waiting to be explored. If people don’t just look for some all –inclusive resort but for some field action as well, they will be surprised at the overall mix of different beauties offered.

10. Greek people may seem loud, festive and over expressive; however, they are the most welcoming and friendly people at least in Europe.
Overall, Greece is a lovely place to visit and live; if the above brilliant facts don’t convince you, visit and see by yourselves!

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