Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO


Pokémon GO invites players to act as coaches creatures pokemon, which need to catch and train for future battles with other pokémon trainers. In the beginning, the player creates his avatar, tuning the details of his appearance by selecting from several options. While the player moves in the real world, his avatar travels across the map through the use of GPS.

If there is a pokemon game reports this and offers to find him, using the camera of your smartphone or tablet. An image of a pokemon is superimposed on the image of the surrounding world, from the camera. The creature type is calculated based on information about the area.

So, for example, water pokémon will be encountered near rivers and fountains. For pok-coins”. pokecoins), we get after purchase for real money, are made in-game purchases of useful things that accelerate the player’s progress. Sometimes they are found, as well as pokémon. All such purchases and the findings are added to the inventory, which holds 500 items.

Encountering a wild pokemon, the player has to catch him, neatly throwing a virtual trap pokebol. Pokemon have different difficulty catching, color-coded ring around them where you want to get the player. Creature in the green belt remain in pokebola, orange — can escape, the red — most likely will be able to break free and escape. At any time you have the opportunity to photograph the pokémon in the surrounding environment.

A successful hunt pokemon goes into the collection of the player and he gets in-game currency: “star dust” and candy needed for the development of their pokemon. Another way to get pokemon is to buy their eggs and the incubator in which to grow substantially. Species of pokemon depends on the overcome of times the real distance: the more the player is on foot (the movement of transport is not considered), the stronger the pokemon will hatch.

The distance varies from 2 km (giving weak in-game creatures like Pikachu or Charmander) to 10 km (gives you the opportunity to Onyx, Kabuto, etc.). Additionally, you can buy bait, which will draw wild pokemon, facilitating their capture.

Nourishing pokemon candy and spending “star dust”, the player gets the pokemon development — increase it or transition to another form. Simple amplification raises the level of damage in combat, damage and health, requiring “dust” and some candy. To change the shape (the evolution pokemon) you need to feed a lot of candy — usually 25, 50 and 100 respectively, the number of forms. Such as Magikarp, special cases require some hundreds of candy for the evolution of kompensiruet force resulting form.

Additionally, the creature can evolve for free if the player has caught many pokemon of the same species than rewarded his efforts to capture. In battles the success is evaluated according to two main parameters pokemon: combat power and health points. Defeated pokemon back in the collection with 1 HP and becomes available for new fights after the use of a special potion which restores his health to the highest level possible.

Catching or raising new pokemon, developing and participating in battles, a virtual player increases his level of development, getting new opportunities. He gets the strength to catch stronger pokemon, and the reward is growing. To achieve 5th level, he can join one of three teams coaches who will compete against each other in battle.

In addition, each team has its own view on pokémon: “Courage” is betting on the development of physically strong pokemon, “the Mysterious” believe that pokemon to win through the mind, and “Instinct” — what is the secret of victory lies in the development of the senses.

In a crowded real-world locations are “pokescope” , where you can find valuable items, and gimi” , where you can challenge other pokemon trainers. “Gimi” controlled by one of the teams that should worry about their prestige, responding to the challenges of other teams winning and earning medals for test data automatically.

The coach will train their Pets only in the state controlled by his team. The more the pokemon is in the gym, the stronger is his defense. If the prestige falls to zero during the losses, the winners assign “GIM” itself, increasing its influence.

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