How to lead people in the organization

How to lead people in the organization


The character of a successful leader in the organization has been written by many great scholars. However, now it is time to evaluate the effectiveness of the leadership style that your organization or you yourself implement.

Now, it is time to calculate the human governance inside your organization. As a manager or a director even if you are one of the Board of Directors, you might want to know what is the impact of your leadership style towards your employees. In this case, you have to evaluate the reaction of your own employees and also to evaluate the relationship between you and your subordinates.

It is really awkward for a leader to know the feedback from their own employees. However, to become a good leader, one must know the impact of his /her action towards the employees. The job satisfaction will not always accurate, the attitude of your employees will remain the same even if you try your best to improvise their welfare. Therefore, how to inculcate the sense of responsibility in the mind and the heart of the employees?

It is HUMAN GOVERNANCE that should be replacing the corporate governance (CG). CG is no longer relevant in this era where people are struggling with the unstable economic condition. This is vital for the employees to feel that their welfare will be taken care of by the employers. Business today is not only about making profit but also to give other relevant benefit to the stakeholders including the employees.

Thus, a leader should be more alert or responsive towards the problem faced by their workers. The power of listening should not be neglected.

LISTEN! LISTEN! LISTEN!.. to the workers. That is the key. They are not expecting you to solve their problems but at least they knew that their problems being heard by you.

Scholars in the management field always argue on which type of leadership that are suitable to be use in the organization. However, they fail to acknowledge the root of the problems which is the attitude of the workers themselves. Thus, to understand the attitude of the workers, one must understand by way of listening with their clear heart and mind. If problem persist, there will be a way out and the level of confidence and job satisfaction of the workers will increase significantly if the manager listen to their grievance.

To become a good leader, one must acknowledge the contribution of their employees. People need to be recognized and be rewarded. It is not necessary in the monetary form, you can praise your employees for a job well done or send them cards to show your appreciation. Have a heart. In this world, we have to give to other people and people will give you back. Remember….what you give is what you get. The more you give, the more good things that you will be getting.

Do not frustrated with the reaction of the employees if you could not get the good cooperation. A good leader must have a lot of motivation to motivate the employees to perform better. In this case, the leader must motivate himself to continually manage and motivate people to perform better. Do not give up.

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