Your wedding checklist

Your wedding checklist


The wedding is a dream comes true in all of our life. We do our best in making our wedding day special and memorable. Wedding ceremony, the day, for what we wait for years. To avoid forgetting must do works or points, one must make a checklist of important things or work on that special day.

Here is a short list of what should you keep on your wedding checklist:

Bridal dress and accessories
It must be on the top of the wedding checklist. Make sure your bridal dress is already arrived at you few days before your wedding day and must try it once to avoid wedding day dress disaster. If any alteration is needed then write it down on the checklist and send it for alteration.

Alongside, mention all the accessories needed on a special day on your checklist.

Wedding items
Have your entire wedding items integrated item before one day of your ceremony, Such as cake knife, toasting glasses. Have a close friend or any family member to integrate all the crucial items at the place of the wedding before the wedding.

Discuss to the photographer
Discuss what kind of snap you do want to a photographer before the wedding rituals. As at the wedding time you would be busy with the rituals, you would not be there to dictate your photographer. Assign a novice photographer having a passion for creative photography.

Arrange transport
Must arrange transportations for the wedding day. Keep the phone number of the driver. Discuss him the schedule of the wedding. Make him understand that not only the newly married couple but also guests and your family member may require the car anytime.

Assign your trusted one in gift caretaking
Nominate your closest one to take care of your gifts. Assign him or her to move presents from your wedding place to house.

Pack an emergency first-aid kit
It is very necessary to carry a first-aid box whether you are in a ceremony or in a vacation. Check all the stuff in the first-aid box.

Last time pedicure and manicure
We all take some beauty treatments before the wedding day. But, our hands and feet get dirty every day. They need daily care to be clean and smooth. So, an instant care is needed to get glided hand and feet.

Bring extra cash
You should bring extra cash with you, no matter whether it is needed or not. But, bringing extra cash can save you from any kind of disaster. Always keep a good quantity of cash with you. Maybe your wedding ceremony holds by a seashore, and there is no A.T.M nearby. Only the cash can be a savior.

Thank-you cards and return-gifts
Do not forget to bag thank-you cards and return gifts for your guests. It is not only a courtesy but, a momentum of your marriage.

DJ or Band
Knock your DJ or Band before 1-2 day of the wedding. Make them alert about your ceremony date. Tell them taking preparation for what kind of song and music you want on that day.

Honeymoon tickets and preparation
Must think about the post-wedding plan. Because you would never get much time to pack your luggage for the honeymoon. You had better check your tickets to honeymoon. Also, check the hotel’s availability of your honeymoon place. It would be better if you book the hotel before one or two months of your wedding date.

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