10 Tips for Direct Sales

10 Tips for Direct Sales


It has happened to the best of us.  A friend or a family member starts talking about this new company they heard of which promises wealth and residual income.  These companies are normally built like pyramids, but do not have the same legal issues as pyramid schemes.

They can be direct sales or direct advertising companies.  The goal? Build a team, sell a product, and reap the benefits of hard work.
Seems easy enough, right?

Well, often these opportunities are too good to be true. Even companies which boast of “zero investment” from the representative/salesperson/consultant have monthly requirements which might cause the participant to invest far more money than will ever be earned. In order to benefit from the sales of the team, personal sales must meet a specific quota.  Seems fair, except it can be difficult to meet sales goals every month.  Plus, there are normally consequences to not meeting a sales goal.

Now, direct advertising and direct sales can be legitimate jobs which pay the mortgage, but this seems too often be the exception, rather than the rule.  Here are some tips to be successful in a direct sales job:

1. Pick the right company for the right audience.  Before committing to a direct sales position, research the different companies.  Determine which company business model best fits your needs.  Look to see if the company provides training.

2. Take a free or low cost marketing class.  With the access to the internet we have today, people can find free or low cost content for marketing.  This will help in a direct sales position.

3. Create an attractive website.  Make sure you have all your pages complete when you launch the website.  Have several updates and blog posts scheduled in advance.  If necessary, hire someone to create and maintain the website.

4. Consider writing a newsletter. Using your website, social media, and other sources, build an email contact list.  Send out a newsletter at least twice a month.  Remember to highlight products on clearance, new products and services, future parties, and even testimonials. Remember: only send your newsletter to people who sign up to receive it.

5. nsure that the initial and continuous investments are reasonable for your situation.  Make a monthly budget for what you are willing to spend on the company, including advertisement.

6. Use your own products.  If you are setting out to change people’s lives, make sure you are changing yours too.  Don’t be a hypocrite.

7. Set personal goals for the day, week, month, and quarter.  Know the company’s policy for refunds and opting out.  Make sure to keep your goals achievable.

8. Ask for advice from senior members of your team.  Odds are, they have some.

9. Do not be afraid of cold contacts.  Sometimes your friends and family are too skeptical to recruit for your new business.  Find people who are interested in the company, products, or services.

10. Offer good rewards.  Many of these businesses are party-based. Periodically, offer free products, create competitions, or set up rewards for your team and your customers.

Follow these 10 pieces of advice for direct sales and you might find success.

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